​​​I try to encourage each player to strive to do there best and to maintain a positive attitude in a game that is arguably the toughest sport mentally and physically there is to play. Physically I try to build on what each individual athlete does naturally. There is more than one philosophy on how to hit, pitch, throw, and catch and I do not immediately start changing kids unless I see something that may cause injury later on. I do believe in sound fundamentals that are universal. Combined with positive reinforcement of these fundamentals has built a successful program with many successful players.Type your paragraph here.

Evolution baseball

I watch what the athlete does naturally then I build from there. Building the players confidence and trust in their fundamentals along with their knowledge of the game is important. It allows the players to play and adapt to the game. With confidence young players improve their contact, drive and power. Before I get into debate over the different philosophies, I make sure that young hitters master the things that get overlooked so often. IE: stance, grip, balance, posture, rhythm, weight transfer, and personal style.

pitching GOALs

By understanding that not every player creates the same arm motion back out of the glove I try to maximize power and control by building on the natural throwing motion of each individual. Mechanically I try to walk the line between balance and momentum. I do my best to put every pitcher in a position to be consistent and effective with what they bring to the mound. There are different styles of pitchers and I try to help every player  develop their style and presence.  

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Hitting GOALs

Twenty years coaching experience working with all different age groups and skill levels. I love this game and I try to build lifelong relationships with my players for the game. I want to impact an athlete’s life and try to get them to understand the importance of perseverance in life and sports. Winning is not easy, but how you handle your failure is what will make or break you in sports and in life. Maintaining a positive attitude, working hard, and always strive to be encouraging and honest will take you farther in life and sports than anything else.