Evolution Baseball and Softball workouts have been purposely designed and developed over the last 10 years to be different. We work extremely hard to identify each players personality which allow us to gear our teaching methods.  Building confidence through success is a key aspect for us as coaches. 

   We not only teach the fundamentals of the game but we also evolve into game like situations.  We start with one-on-one lessons for our beginners and evolve into joint or DUAL lessons as the players ability increases. This allows the players to improve their skillset while working, watching, training and competing with another player. 

   Our goals are to work on all facets of the game including but not limited to pitching fundamentals, fielding techniques ( infield / outfield ), hitting mechanics, base-running, as well as teaching the mental aspects of the game and now have the ability to introduce you to the coaches at Berks Elite if looking for more speed and strength training.

   Whatever the age or skill set we will build programs to improve their game and instill confidence. 


            45 minute lesson $40.00

                      DUAL Lessons $30.00 per person

            60 minute lesson $50.00 

                      DUAL Lessons $40.00 per person

    * 4 pack/60 min lessons  $ 180.00 ( Save $20.00 )

      ( Agility and Conditioning if requested )

Dual Lessons are 2 players of similar ability and level of play working together on drills and actual game situations. 

Evolution DUAL Lessons have been successfully used for over 10 years with developing our players.