We try to identify videos that we have seen that demonstrate, teach and engage young players on drills. Hope you find some of these drills helpful

I heard of Scott through a friend whose son you saw last year. She couldn't say enough about you or the confidence change in her son. The difference in the confidence Gavin has is amazing. Sounds silly but my husband and I both love sitting in the corner and listen to you talk with him. You do know you are teaching more than baseball right? Gavin is so lucky to have you as a coach.     T.Gorman




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We mean it when we say we are DESIGNED TO BE DIFFERENT.

Teaching is not about what level someone might have played.  It is about being able to idenfity players strengths and weaknesses and develop and plan to help each individual player. Working with both baseball and softball players I build a personal program that develops confidence through personal success.  The goal is about having the young players find the love in the game while developing their skills.



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I try to encourage each player to strive to do their best and to maintain a positive attitude in a game that is arguably the toughest sport mentally and physically there is to play. 


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