Bob Minnich - Wyomissing

Last summer my son had the opportunity to attend one of Scott’s camps at the Reading Phillies. What my son took away from that experience was great. My son and I put a lot of work in together but after starting to work with Scott it took him to another level. He made him a much better fielder and an excellent pitcher. What is really great is his patience with my son. When they work together the teaching was done in a way that my son could connect with. I could tell that he really cares about the kids he works with. He even takes the time to come out and observe them in game situations.  My son will be working with him for a long time to come.

Santina Conners - Wilson

Our son Ben recently started pitching and hitting lessons with Coach Scott Emerich.  How fortunate for Ben, and for us!   Coach Scott has been a huge positive influence on Ben.  Scott’s enthusiasm is apparent and was immediately transferred to our son.  Ben enters each baseball game with a renewed confidence and it shows in his play on the field.  (The best part is watching Coach Scott cheer Ben on for each and every pitch!)  I am very impressed not only with Scott’s technical and teaching ability, but also with his ability to really “reach” his students in a positive way.   Coach Scott has developed a plan for Ben to help him improve physically and mentally.   Ben believes in Coach Scott and believes in the way he teaches.  What more can you ask for?  Thanks Coach!

Conner Reed

We have been attending your clinics for several years now and just love how your coaches are able to keep it fresh for the players.  We used to go to a clinic where they would bring “someone” in who just talked to them.  From the first week we went my son loved all the interaction and instruction. I just love the fact that he has new confidence in himself that comes from all your coaches instructions.  Thank you so much.  

Elaine Jakobs

My son love the clinics, but he loves the one on one lessons even more.  I saw the success  you talk about happen this year with him.  It wasn’t just his hitting, pitching or fielding but his confidence and presence.  Thank you 

Steven Rhoads- Wilson

You and your clinics have certainly played a big part in my son Jimmy's baseball development, and I am grateful for that. He eat, sleeps and thinks baseball all the time. It is so nice to see a group of coaches who are in it for the kids, and who know how to teach them in a way that is fun and interesting. .   

M. Brady

How in the world you guys do what you do? Having 2 boys in different groups I wasn’t sure how it would work, but honestly, about 15 minutes in I started mentally taking notes on the drills for when I coach. Your coaches really know how to work with my older son and also my younger one. My sons loved the game at the end of the clinic and how you brought them all together.

Kevin Conrad-Wyomissing

Michael really enjoyed the clinic. He has never showed much interest in pitching but after Saturday, he wants to start practicing. I think that the hitting drills are going to help him get more power in his swing. He wants to come back and keep practicing to get ready for little league. Please keep me informed as to any other clinics you are putting on in January..  .

Veronica Wiley - Schuylkill Valley 

To sum up James's time with you on Monday, from his perspective, you are AWESOME!  He is so excited to work with you!  He is already doing his exercises every morning without us reminding him!  Can you get him to do his chores with that kind of enthusiasm and eagerness? LOL!  He practices daily on his throwing some days it takes an act of God to get him to walk away from it and come inside.  Thanks Scott!!

Michelle - Conrad Weiser

I had seen your flyers last year and was just a nervous Nellie mom. His friend had gone last year and his parents just loved it, and loved you. We signed up and were amazed at how they listen to you and responded to you. Then when you started working with his throwing and the look on his face by the end, thank you. Your coaches are great and you can tell they love the game too.